Film, Television, and Media Program Gets State-of-the-Art Technology

San Bernardino Valley College’s Film, Television, and Media program regularly acquires state-of-the-art technology for students to train on, giving them a leg up when they transfer to a university or start a career in the entertainment industry. The program’s most recent purchases include a drone and motion capture suits. Once they learn the motion capture technology, students will collaborate with the art, theater, and computer science departments on animation and virtual reality projects. Drones are used so much in the entertainment industry that knowing how to operate one “instantly translates into a career,” Prof. Lucas Cuny said. Next fall, SBVC will launch a sports broadcasting class, and the drone will be able to capture above the field shots during football games and other sporting events. Students enrolled in FTVM 130 and FTVM 132 will have access to the new drone and motion capture technology.