SBVC Employees Increase Voter Registration Efforts On Campus

The SBVC Library and SBVC Student Life have collaborated to pump up efforts to encourage students to register to vote this Fall. On October 6th, the library staff hosted a film screening of Latino Vote: Dispatches from the Battleground, where they provided voter information before the film. This was the second film screening this semester. The first was a free screening of John Lewis: Good Trouble and was hosted on September 20th, National Voter Registration Day. Maria Notarangelo from the SBVC Library created a research guide with easy links to information on voter registration and the upcoming elections. These efforts go in line with California Assembly Bill 963, which establishes that all campuses from the California Community Colleges, CSU and UC systems are required to increase civic engagement on campus.

“There are many ways our students can have a voice in their communities, state, and country, but voting for their representatives and ballot initiatives is the easiest way to start,” Notarangelo said of the importance of bringing these events to the SBVC campus. Both films that were screened focused on the struggles Black and Brown communities face around voting. Notarangelo said, “These films emphasize why it’s important to vote and the hard work people do to get out the vote in their communities.” Thanks to the hard work of Maria Notarengelo, Mary Valdemar, Marie Maghuyop and various volunteers, SBVC pushed out the vote to students this year!


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